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Grandma Wilson's Shopping Basket

Barbara May Shelton

This is a true story, seen through the 'eyes' of my great Grandma's shopping basket.

It illustrates the life of a typical working class wile and mother of Victorian times.

All the incidents were recounted to me over a period of ten years or so, by my second cousin [Mrs. Eileen in the book], who was brought up by her Grandma Wilson.

I remember Grandma and Granddad Wilson, and their house. I still have her shopping basket, also her silver brooch which she wore at the neck of her blouse.

I also have a broad wedding ring, which Eileen tells me is a keeper ring, to protect her wedding ring so it didn't get too worn when she had to work.

I gave this ring to my daughter when she married ,to be made into a modern version.

So we still have our memories of her.

I hope you enjoy the story.

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