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Egg - Robin's Nest.

Giovanna Gentile and Richard Malthouse and Jo Louca

No one realised as Egg was resting dangerously on the edge of the nest because they were too busy jostling for the best position to get the next big, juicy worm. Egg was now on the very edge of the nest. This was very dangerous for Egg. Egg had no idea. Still the brothers and sister squabbled and pecked, pushed and bickered. They were very hungry and very impatient with each other. They wanted their food and they wanted it now! As they fought for space, Egg was pushed just a little further and...

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Giovanna Gentile
Giovanna Gentile is an author translator and has been awarded as ‘outstanding' as an Ofsted registered childcare practitioner. She has a diploma at advanced level in Early Learning and Childcare and has over 30 year's experience. She is dedicated to ensure that children achieve the best possible outcome for their age and ability. She has two daughters and two wonderful grandchildren, Luca and Mia.

Dr Richard Malthouse
Richard is Senior Lecturer on the Masters of Arts in Education programme at the University of East London. He teaches, Leadership in Education and Research studies. He is also involved in designing the Masters of Arts Distance Learning Programme. Prior to this, he worked at the University of West London and as a Teaching Fellow at Brunel University, lecturing on the BA in Contemporary Education. As well as lecturing, Richard is an author and a researcher, publishing in various international academic journals.

Jo Louca
Jo is an artist working primarily in oil and watercolour. She exhibits work in many Galleries around the UK and USA. Jo gained a BA (hons) in Fine Art at Farnham College University. Jo teaches art, runs art workshops and demonstrates painting to Art societies. Jo Louca. Artist painter: