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Deadly Connections

D J Arthur

David McPherson, a successful, middle-aged businessman, is startled one morning when he is contacted by a radical colleague from his student days, John Dempsey, who reminds him of his participation in a failed plot to disrupt a political meeting thirty years earlier. David, having been the only person to escape detection, feels pressured by the implicit, unspoken threat of being exposed, to assist Dempsey in an unspecified operation near the Scottish parliament.
David's anxiety is magnified when he learns of his daughter's association with a student group campaigning for independence, suspecting the organisation has more sinister, undeclared motives.
Despite his reluctance, the possibility of his past coming to light, with its potentially ruinous implications for himself and his family, impel him to go along with Dempsey's operation, a decision which has unforeseen consequences for everyone involved.

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After completing his education in Scotland, Arthur took up a career in business, but left the joys of being in an office to begin the admittedly lonely, but more fulfilling occupation, of writing full time. This is his second novel, following the publication of The Caitlin Affair, a story of a tempestuous relationship between two young people from that bygone age, the 1970s.
Arthur's interests in fiction are wide-ranging; his most prominent influences being Dostoevsky, Dickens and Steinbeck.
Outside of literature and music, he is a lifelong supporter of Greenock Morton.
Arthur lives in the Home Counties and is currently working on his third novel.