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Chris Baball

In his first collection of short stories and poems, set in Rio Claro, a small town in the developing country of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1960s, Chris Baball explores themes which include food, escape, sex and death, often viewed through the eyes of a young boy.
Some are intended to be humorous, with a Trinbagonian twist, others more serious and reflective.

The collection also includes 20 specifically-designed , colour images as well as a glossary with the Trinbagonian dialect and some expressions used then.


Everyone has a comfort food. Right? Ever reflected on how it became your comfort food?
What about escape? From school? And the consequences? Count you in?
Love! How did your first experience feel?
And sex? Yes. But not XXX, but first take on sex and sex movies.
Then, ever wondered what would happen when you die?
Lottery: What if you won?
A food you love and hate?
On a more serious note:
Ever reflected on a relative long gone, and saw this person in a different light?
Recall your first experience with death? Did you ever question God?
Days when homosexuality was taboo? And predatory sex?
And, more...

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This is Chris Baball's first collection of short stories and poems.
He has lived on four continents and visited over sixty-five countries, working in most of these as an advisor of diplomatic status. His earlier writings are on statistics, debt management and economics. However, he has chosen to go back to his country, Trinidad and Tobago, for this first journey into fiction.
In the two competitions he entered, Chris was recognized, being awarded the first prize for fiction by the Geneva Writers Group in 2016, and being long-listed by the Commonwealth Writers for a draft submitted in 2018.

Chris now lives in Geneva, Switzerland.