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Mehrish Khan

The year is 1959, and in post-Partition Pakistan, schoolboy Riyaaz dreams only of cricket and his late Abu, or father. His best friend Sabih, however, is an Indian, and therefore classed as inferior. What was it like during this time when there were two nationalities at war? Where there were two religions at war? And lastly... two people at war. The purpose of a war is to bring about peace but will there ever be peace? The life of Riyaaz explores the stereotypes, racial discrimination and poverty from a very young age.

Many celebrate the freedom on Independence Day. But is everyone free? Everything you see around you, every object, every shoe, every jacket is made somewhere in this world from that one person who's spending hours trying to perfect it. That poor person whose income is solely based on that product. Riyaaz had the opportunity to witness this every day through his friend... or maybe not his friend...

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Mehrish Khan is a diagnostic radiographer, the writer of the published article, How different imaging modalities contribute in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, in Imaging and Therapy Practice, and a poet, having previously published The Culture I Speak Through. She is a sibling of three loving (but overprotective!) brothers and one affectionate sister. Throughout her life, Mehrish has been a gym enthusiast, guitar player, entrepreneur, a singer (in her own bedroom), a student, an artist and erm... a writer, I guess. She believes that there's certainly enough time in the world to accomplish anything (well, of course... her list doesn't end!). But it is up to you to prioritise your time. No one is ever ‘too busy', and she certainly isn't. Mehrish enjoys her family's company, especially that of her nieces and nephews, Safaa and Aairah-Noor, Aariz and Zayaan. When she isn't too occupied, she can be found cleaning their nappies!