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Bumbly The Bee and the Day the Flowers Lost Their Music

Tia Colcomb

This is a story of a small Bee called Bumbly. He is an inquisitive bee with a kind nature.
Bumbly heads off on his first big adventure. Little did he know he was about to meet lots of new friends, including some flowers especially one called Sonny the Sunflower. Who he and his friends have lost their music.
Oh no something is missing what could it be and how can Bumbly help them?
As you make your way through the book there is a blue butterfly follow her from page to page, can you see how she changes?
This book will help your child's understanding of how plants grow and thrive and of course how bees like Bumbly play their part too!

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Writing has given me an avenue to express myself and to be transported to a different world when life has been full of challenges due to health problems. I spend my life trying to spread kindness and happiness and hope I can through this book.