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Blood Falls

H.G. Wilson

New Antarctic lands are discovered, new forests have grown, new habitats develop, from long-dormant seeds once sealed in ice. Global warming has happened. The continental landmass of Antarctica has emerged. Only a residual dome of ice remains.

Those scientists who predicted the worst implications of devastating climate change find themselves astonished.
Something unexpected happens: nature fights back, to restore the balance of life on planet Earth. Something else feels the life-force of warming sunlight... something that threatens an Antarctic research team and the entire world.

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H. G. Wilson has been a child labourer, factory worker, builder, mechanic, gardener, computer programmer, software designer and systems architect. He has slept in a car with a cat in the crook of his legs as she birthed her kittens in the night, swam inner-city canals with rats, and witnessed the glory of a sunrise at Helvellyn summit in the Lake District of his England. With a confirmed love of our beautiful world, his debut novel Citizen I is his song for the planet. He shares a happy home with his wife and their two beautiful daughters in Cheshire.