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A Tale of Tea

John Monks

There's a state of emergency as the wells run dry in the city of Doblob and nobody can have any more tea - including the king!


Plok is sent on a mission to find Baldwr the Wise Wizard, as only he might have the right water spells to help. But this journey would take Plok into the Black Mountains and into the path of all manner of dangers - hobgoblins, dragons and evil wizards! However, Plok's love of a nice cup of tea and a crumpet is stronger than his fear of danger. So he sets off in search of Baldwr and has rather too many adventures on the way.


But Plok is determined - the people of Doblob need their tea!

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The author, a retired teacher, is an Englishman who spent the major part of his career teaching French and German, occasionally to French and Germans, in schools around Lake Geneva, in Switzerland - hauling coals to Newcastle, in a manner of speaking. Although now retired from teaching, he still pursues his interest in languages as a translator of French and German into English, whilst making a collection of what he chooses to call Helvetic trivia, anecdotes taken from everyday life in this country which are quintessentially Swiss and slightly provocative in character, and which, he hopes one day to publish.