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A Great Discovery

Jennifer Guest

One ordinary morning, Jasmine sets off on her usual walk to school. Only this particular day was far from ordinary. Along the way, the little girl hears a noise which stops her in her tracks. Jasmine asks her mum to wait so they can both listen. Her mum is reluctant because she doesn't want Jasmine to be late for school. There's the sound again! It's a cry coming from a dark gap in the stones, underneath the steps. Jasmine lets go of her mum's hand and goes to investigate. What she discovers changes her whole day and the future lives of two adorable baby creatures, forever.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Jennifer loves drawing and cats. Another passion is writing about kittens and cats! This is her first (true-life) story for children to be published, following a career as a therapist. There are many more tales of Smokey Grey to be shared. Stories of his life and adventures with his brother, Tiger Joe, on the farm where they live. Jennifer is also the author and illustrator of eight CBT art activity books for adults.