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A Family of Mice

Christine Gray

Mummy Mouse, Daddy Mouse, Big Sister Mouse and Baby Brother Mouse try to live a quiet life in the countryside. Little do they know they are being watched constantly by a mischievous big fat cat, whose tummy is always rumbling. Will the family of mice outsmart this furry feline? Will the big fat cat get his comeuppance and change his ways? Join the family of mice on their adventures to find out.


Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Christine Gray has two small children, Ellie and Charlie, and she lives in a little village in Scotland with her husband James. She has been an English teacher for thirteen years and has always loved books and literature. After having her children, Christine began making up stories and characters to entertain them and pass the time on long car journeys. This is one of the first stories she made up for her daughter on the way to work and nursery, and the inspiration was a bale of hay they passed every morning. Ellie enjoyed the stories and loved the mischievous big fat cat and his misadventures so much, Christine wondered if other children may enjoy these stories too... and she hopes they do.