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A Day of Clarity

John C. Wolfe

John C. Wolfe had it all-a wife, two wonderful kids, a great house, and a high-paying job as the Chief Speechwriter for New York governor George E. Pataki. But for John, none of those things could stop him from drinking, and sometimes the pressure made it worse.
First, he wrote better with a few drinks in him, then his drinking escalated and he couldn't write without multiple drinks. His drinking steadily grew worse, until his family convinced him to give rehab a try. That only ended with John spiraling deeper into alcoholism.
Come with John on his journey, from the New York governor's office of the late 1990s, to the tragedy of 9/11, then follow him out of the governor's office through the dark days of alternating rehab and relapses, to when something finally changed for him...and he found his day of clarity.

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John C. Wolfe is the former Chief Speechwriter to former New York Governor George E. Pataki. He has worked as an advertising copywriter, a magazine editor and the Senior Writer for the Monroe County Executive in Rochester. He was Pataki's Chief Speechwriter for nearly ten years. He spent the remaining two years of Pataki's tenure as Senior Writer to the SUNY Chancellor in Albany. In 2007, he retreated to the Adirondacks and worked as a Zoning Officer in Chestertown, New York. His writing was limited to a series of published op-eds in several newspapers, including the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun and the Times of Israel. He began writing about his battle with alcoholism in 2014.