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Lady Freckles

"Woo Hoo! Yippy-I-O!
This is one of the best books I know! I know it because I lived it."

Are you ready for an awesome, mysterious, action packed adventure through the Jungle with the world's most daring Wonder Worm?!!! Introducing: "The Wonderful Mr. Wormmis"; the sling-shooting, red-bellied Master of survival, escapes & slick moves! See what life is like for a teeny wriggly worm just trying to have a good day living in such an enormous Jungle. There are vine-webbed trees, dark places (even during the day), and lots of hungry creatures. If Mr. Wormmis gets caught even once - he'll become their prey. "Where it is deepest it is darkest - day is night as well as night is night".

Are you ready to take a walk with me? Let the adventures begin!!!

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I'm a kid at heart - always & forever xo. I love "Love" & all varieties of people & everything good. Adults can learn things from children like kindness, appreciation & manners. I respect & look to nature, children, seniors, & animals to learn the biggest, truest lessons in life to guide my heart. See how the trees live peacefully together no matter the type of trees they are? See the stars shine for us all? My favorite flower is the dandelion. Some people call it a weed... sillies.
* BTW - Yes, I have freckles!
P.S, more books coming soon! ~Lady Freckles~