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The One Life Movement

Kimberley Dickinson

In her early twenties, Kimberley Dickinson had no idea who she was or what she wanted, although she thought she knew everything. After a crushingly bad breakup wrought with emotional angst, strife and upheaval, she was forced to start re-evaluating who she was, where she was and what she wanted.

Propelled by circumstance, she found herself wandering around various countries searching for a place to call home and a reason for being. From Montreal to Marrakech, Melbourne to Madrid, she found herself aimlessly drifting from one adventurous situation to another. The new found freedom and friendships seemed liberating at first but ultimately, she was left to figure herself and her future out on her own. Consistently having her values and beliefs challenged throughout her colourful journeys, she ultimately realized she sought true connection the most.

A moving, subtly sarcastic and compelling tale of one woman's awkward stumble through life to find her home, her place, and herself.

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Kimberley Dickinson is a mother, a nurse, a leader, a manager, an educator, a cook, an entrepreneur, a writer, a sports enthusiast and not too bad at creativity. It has taken years for her to begin her own movement towards wholeness and understanding, and she is completely delighted that she has survived all of the lessons that have thrown themselves along her path to purpose. 

She is currently working on the next book in The One Life Movement series and regularly maintains the website that ties it all together. Join her on various social media sites, send an email or message and get in touch!