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Boy Moscow Cold War Exploits and Adventures

Kevin Paul Scarrott

What's it like to be a teenager when your father works for the British embassy in Moscow during the Cold War?

Kevin Scarrott was that teenager (as were others in Moscow and other postings around the world). Where do you go to school in that situation? What's your social life like? And how do you make friends when you and your family are always moving to the next foreign posting?

Scarrott describes what his life was like; the people he met, how it affected his relationships with his parents, what it was like exploring Moscow in the 60s and early 70s, and the different peers (and adults) he had as friends in this exciting, yet challenging time.

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The son of a British Army soldier, Kevin Paul Scarrott was born in the United Kingdom and raised there and in the Colonies and the USSR. He spent years travelling the globe, initially with his father, then as an engineer with a Norwegian cruise-ship line. After nearly a lifetime of travel, he now has bases in London, UK, in Stavanger, Norway, and a studio in Odessa, Ukraine, where his globetrotting experiences are reflected in creative map design and writing.