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The Chronicles of Sir Benedict: The Cult of Levi

Kenton E. Biffert

Sir Benedict is a modern-day knight in secret service to the Pope. His mission: to fight and eradicate evil in all its malicious forms.

In this mission, Sir Benedict is sent to Thailand to infiltrate a rising cult. Despite many warnings, Sir Benedict walks confidently into the darkness. What awaits him pushes his faith to the limit and his body to the edge of death. Hanging by a thread, blood-soaked and terrified, Sir Benedict realises his mistake. Is it realised too late?

Then there is the girl. That girl that is weeping in his dreams. The smoke. The black rock. The tattoo. The suffering. The madness. The sacrifice.

Then, an unexpected visitor...

Sir Benedict journeys from despair to faith, from madness to perfect hatred, from defeat to an epic battle.

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Kenton E. Biffert is a father of seven, and with his wife they live out the great adventure of being a family. In his spare time, Kenton teaches and studies and is currently working on his doctorate degree in theology. Kenton is the founder of the Art of Fatherhood ( An initiative that seeks to help men be great fathers and to bring the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas into the domestic church. Kenton reads voraciously, enjoys backpacking and practices his love of photography.