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Aliyah & Alina

Kainat Asghar

Aliyah and Alina have been raised as princesses in a beautiful palace in medieval Granada, and their father intends for one of them to become queen after him. But their idyllic lives are interrupted by unrest in their country. The king's advisors simply want to solve the problem with a show of military force, but the princesses want to find a way to resolve the matter peacefully. With their cousins, they sneak out of the palace one night to a local village to listen to what the discontented have to say, and the people they meet that night will change the course of their lives forever.

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Kainat Asghar is a twenty-one-year-old from Slough. This is her first book. She wrote it at the start of the coronavirus lockdown at the age of twenty, completing the first draft within a month. As well as enjoying writing and photography, Kainat is a journalism graduate and has aspirations to continue writing more books and to work within TV and film.