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Do Strawberries Turn into Ferraris?

Julija Miliute

In 2000, Julija makes the difficult and heartrending decision to leave her children and mother behind in Lithuania and make the risky journey to work illegally in the UK. She knows that the only way she can earn enough money to educate her children, to give them a better life, is to leave her beloved homeland behind for several months.

She has to learn quickly how to harvest strawberries and it takes time for her body to adjust to the back-breaking work, but Julija is always mindful of the importance of using every minute and every opportunity to make money for her family. As she finds love, and moves around the country for various jobs, Julija returns to Lithuania as often as she can, and on returning to the UK finds that she can turn her hand to many types of work. Her strength of character and determination to provide for her children drive her to push her body to its limits.

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Julija Miliute was born in Lithuania in 1961. In 2000 she came to England. Living in a beautiful corner of paradise in Cornwall, despite hard agricultural work, she found free time to write about all the emotions she experienced, intertwined with observations about the beauty of nature. She has written and published three books in Lithuanian while living in England:
2015 Do strawberries turn into Ferraris?
2016 Is this why I'm still there?
2018 How the dream turns into reality