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The Chameleon Stone

Julie Spruce

When Rachel is forced to return home from Cumbria to the family pawnbroking establishment in Yorkshire she is hiding more than one secret from her traditionalist father, Ben. But the Farber family is guilty of its own share of duplicity, as she soon discovers.

Will she be able to conceal her forbidden feelings for her stepbrother, Mark? What is the dark secret her grandmother refuses to tell? And could the discovery of a beautiful alexandrite pendant hold the key to her future happiness?
With shocks galore along the way, including more than one ghostly visitor, a couple of murders and a kidnapping, she needs all her wits about her.

Loyalties and lies, mysterious heirlooms and haunted souls combine to create a captivating read.

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Julie Spruce is a mature writer who lives in Yorkshire with her partner, Steve. She was inspired to write The Chameleon Stone following a chance conversation about unusual jewellery.

She is an avid reader across all genres, including westerns, and enjoys following her local rugby league team.