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An Accidental Memoir

J.P. Lachs

J.P. Lachs relates the story of her Polish family history in this educational and insightful memoir covering the First and Second World War and the effect of Communist rule on Poland. As she journeys through her moving and emotional past, from childhood to adulthood, Lachs unearths long buried secrets shaped by a struggling country and the need to survive, all deeply ingrained in her past and the secrets kept by her beloved grandmother.

A compelling account of family relationships, war and historic prejudices, An Accidental Memoir is unflinching in its approach to depict the history of the Polish people, and demonstrates how events have shaped families and lives to this day. J.P. Lachs delves into her family tree and uncovers mysteries she never thought possible as she explores her background and origins.

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J.P. Lachs was born in Poland in 1955. She spent her childhood with her grandmother in a Silesian country town in South-West Poland. At age twelve she was forced to leave her beloved grandmother and live with her mother and sister in the city of Wroclaw. She spent her high school and university years there until she fled Poland in 1980 and lived in West Berlin until emigrating to Australia in 1982.

In 2015 the author travelled to Florence for a year, where she recorded her heritage and life under Communist Poland. She and her family live in Sydney.