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The Adventures of Murg and Montague

Joy Donnan

The Adventures of Murg and Montague features Murg, a fictional little pink animal. His life is transformed from misery and loneliness following an encounter with Montague Mouse. As the two become firm friends Murg begins to remember the events leading up to his isolation - a great explosion caused by his eccentric Uncle Brian involving an experiment with Brussels sprouts. Murg and Montague hatch a plan to go in search of Murg's family in the hope that they survived the catastrophe and they set off towards the sea in Montague's little boat. The reader has a chance to become involved in their journey by choosing which path the pair should follow at a fork in the river...

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For the past four years I have spent most of the time living in a caravan in Perthshire with my husband and working during the summer season. Originally I trained and worked as a nurse and have lived in Yorkshire, Australia and New Zealand before returning to Scotland. The Adventures of Murg and Montague is my first children's book and I am currently working on a sequel.