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Sap in the Blood

Jon Antonius

The affluent lifestyle of Major Giles Derryvale and his children could not be more different to that of Cliff Curtiss, his head gardener, and Cliff's wife, Esther, but they share the same preoccupations with life and family, together with a deep abiding love for their work on the Derryvale country estate. Thomas Briswell, the proud owner of a footwear empire, enjoys that same privileged life in their small rural community. Surely, a marriage between Sonia Derryvale and George Briswell could only strengthen their status and enrich their lives?
But the coming war will break apart the long-established barriers of class and wealth and forge new bonds of friendship that will undermine the power of the upper-classes and expose the weaknesses within.
As Sonia and George become closer, there is a menacing undercurrent of secrecy that threatens the loving bond between Cliff, Esther and their adopted son. Even as the community starts to recover and rejoice in peacetime, treachery, illegitimacy and even murder will jeopardise the lives of the Derryvales, the Briswells and the Curtises, and all who care about them.
A sweeping tale of love, loss and secrecy amid the beauty of the English countryside.

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At school, many moons ago, teachers thought my compositions were imaginative. Their remarks fuelled my belief in my writing. In the years since then, I have done many kinds of work, taken a BA degree with the Open University and, after gaining a BEd degree, taught in England, Germany and Turkey. I lived in France for a time before returning to England, where I began this novel. I hope readers will find it educational and, above all, enjoyable.