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A View From Above

John Warin

The Oligarch was filthy rich, but also intelligent and well educated. He hated the limelight and operated behind smoke and mirrors. Not for nothing was he known as the Mythe.
In the years between 2000 and 2007 we all lived with a smile on our faces. If we wanted something we simply whipped out the credit card and bought it. If we wanted to buy a house we were able to raise a mortgage with no questions asked, and watch the capital appreciation climb. It was normal, a way of life. It would never end, until, that is, the Credit Crunch stopped us in our tracks.
The Oligarch's great wealth allowed him to move independently about the world, away from the crowds. His mind was uncluttered and clear. His view from above the financial markets clearly noted the lack of control over the money supply. He relaxed. It presented a big opportunity. There was some fun to be had.

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John Warin has over forty years of experience as a property surveyor and estate agent in the North West of England.