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The Norwich Murders

John Reid

What connection is there between two police officers who are savagely beaten to death in East Anglia and the headless body of a young woman, found washed up in the Thames?

DCI Burt must travel to Norfolk and work with the Norwich police force to assist them with their investigations. The Commander, Alfie Brooks, has purposefully arranged this so that DCI Burt can experience the area and meet Callum Robertson, the Deputy Chief Constable of the Norfolk Constabulary.

DCI Burt and his Special Resolutions team soon find they have another challenging mystery to solve, this time with connections to the ancient and revered La Cosa Nostra and modern-day drug running and prostitution rings in the UK and Europe. But if the various strings involved in the cases have any connection, what and where is it?

On the personal front, DCI Burt is made an offer he finds difficult to refuse but which would mean a huge upheaval in his domestic situation. What will he do about that?

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The author was born in Scotland and, after serving in the Army, embarked on a career in industry.
He has worked in several different sectors in senior roles and was latterly CEO of a large international data capture company.

He retired for the first time in 1995 to take on a consultancy designed to help new businesses become established.

In 2018, he finally retired from business life to become a full-time author.

John lives in Scotland and Portugal with his wife and they have two grown-up sons.