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The Absolution Of Otto Finkel

John R McKay

Brittany: in the summer of 1928, twelve-year-old Jack Graham and his brother Francis befriend the quiet German, Otto Finkel and together with the enigmatic Jean-Luc and virtuous Marco, they are involved in a serious case of misadventure that leaves a man dead and one of the boys disfigured.


The memories for most of them fade with time but for Otto, the mental scarring matches the physical scarring. Is this the reason why, years later, in the turmoil of war, he finds himself as an officer in the Waffen SS?


Largely unbeknown to them, the paths of the schoolboys, now young men, impinge on Otto’s life as each chooses to serve their respective countries in different ways. Following their wartime exploits, from the beaches of Dunkirk to the purge of the Roman ghetto, from the horrors of Drancy Deportation Camp to the Nazi ratlines of post-war Europe. This is a powerful story of war, grief, love and regret.


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John R McKay was born and raised in Wigan, Greater Manchester and after serving in the Royal Air Force for seven years he joined Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service in 1997 until leaving to take up other pursuits, including writing.
He has two daughters and lives with his wife, Dawn.

John's debut novel, the thriller The Journal takes the reader from modern day England back to the two world wars.
His second novel, the acclaimed The Absolution Of Otto Finkel, is a historical novel covering largely unknown events of World War 2 and how war affects people in different ways.
His third novel 'Mosquitoes' is a break from his normal genre and is a contemporary study of how a man can 'lose the plot' when circumstances in his life change suddenly. A black comedy, Mosquitoes is a uniquely written story, told from the perspective of a man losing his mind.

He cites his modern literary favourites as Sebastian Faulkes, Robert Harris and Wilbur Smith.
He is currently working on his fourth novel, a return to historical fiction, which he is hoping to release in the second half of 2016.

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