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Life Force

John Nickson

Martin Morgan says goodbye to his family for what he believes to be the last time. A diagnosis of cancer in its last stages has left him with two choices: to tell his family and let them care for him in his last days, or to not tell his family and instead take a last trip to the mountains where he'll go to die.
Martin chooses the latter. Having booked into a hotel in the Scottish Highlands, he sets out for one last climb.
Following an amiable cup of tea and biscuits with a group of descending climbers on the way, he finally reaches the summit.

Martin's last moments on earth are disturbed by a commotion - and instead of meeting death, Martin meets Francis; a meeting which will change Martin's life for ever, and the lives of his loved ones.

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I am sixty-two and I am an accountant in the insurance industry. I live in Stevenage near London and I am interested in martial arts, dancing and most sporting activities. The martial arts in the novel are based on my own extensive experience in martial arts over some forty years.