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Man and Mother Nature

John J. Mulhall

Man currently stands at the apex of his remarkable ascent and power; master of all he surveys and unchallenged by any other species he shares the planet with. Whether he believes his ascent was divinely ordained by an omnipotent being in the sky called God, or that he evolved from a remote simian ancestor, he has turned his back on Mother Nature who first gave him life. In Man and Mother Nature, John J. Mulhall eloquently sets out to prove that mankind's rise was facilitated by the immutable laws of nature, which still control his thoughts and actions. Man is not in control of his destiny. He is merely a puppet in the hands of Mother Nature who influences his thoughts and his actions, and has done since he first stood on two legs and gazed up at the sky. Therein lies his legacy, and his destiny.


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Some time ago, I gave up work to concentrate fully on literature. The writing bug had been gnawing at my soul for ages, but life and having to earn a living got in the way. The initial problems I faced was finding the right genre. A private-eye novel was followed by a satire. However, I felt this work was aimless and without purpose. Literature must be based on real life, and that helped me find the right course for my work. Having studied history and philosophy, these twin subjects now form the bedrock of my writing. History is not a dusty old manual from the past, but a blueprint for the present and the future. And philosophy helps us reach the truth through enquiry. Without truth, we are condemned to live in a world that makes no sense.