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How to Succeed as Dictator

John J. Mulhall

The Dictator holds both a fascination and a revulsion for humanity. He - and the dictator must be male - commands a place in society that few democratically elected leaders can attain. He gets his picture on the front pages of influential magazines. He can murder his own people and get away with the crime. He can enrich himself on the backs of his people, and not only get away with the theft, but find that they turn a blind eye to the wholesale looting of their country. This book provides some useful tips for the man who aspires to the top job that rewards like no other. It outlines how to overthrow an empire by the use of religion. The work also demonstrates how to undermine a democracy and replace it with a dictatorship. It illustrates how the correct title should be used to get the masses on board. It offers tips on the retention of power for life, and the mistakes to avoid in that permanent role. Most importantly, the guide proves that men are led by words, but governed by ideology. Rule of the people is not based on the actualities of power, but rather on its perception. The Dictator who can convince the people that they are living in a paradise fit for heroes can look forward to a happy life at the top, and dying peacefully in his bed. The Dictator will always be with us because he is part of our past, our present, and our future. He is part of us because he represents human nature. The Dictator is the dark half of the human psyche. John Rainsford.

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Some time ago, I gave up work to concentrate fully on literature. The writing bug had been gnawing at my soul for ages, but life and having to earn a living got in the way. The initial problems I faced was finding the right genre. A private-eye novel was followed by a satire. However, I felt this work was aimless and without purpose. Literature must be based on real life, and that helped me find the right course for my work. Having studied history and philosophy, these twin subjects now form the bedrock of my writing. History is not a dusty old manual from the past, but a blueprint for the present and the future. And philosophy helps us reach the truth through enquiry. Without truth, we are condemned to live in a world that makes no sense.