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The Plutonium Pilgrim

John Faith

The Plutonium Pilgrim is a high-octane, technical thriller whose characters complete life-changing personal journeys whilst battling a complex terrorist plot set to cripple the UK's financial and nuclear supremacy. Attacks come from all directions as the city of London goes about its daily business.
An Iraqi freedom-fighter turned terrorist enters the country illegally, planning to spread radioactive contamination across London, disregarding the risk to himself. He is also a long-lost son and brother, whose family is briefly reunited by the twists of the plot and then shattered all over again. His quarrelling sisters are among those forced together to foil the terrorists' plans, which encompass land, sea and air in an effort to destabilise the global nuclear and financial order. Strong women, devoted couples and new and old loves combine with fast cars, motorbikes and a helicopter in this thriller's spectacular sprint finish; but will there ever be an end to this struggle?

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John Faith is a chartered engineer turned author, with a background in Formula One and World Rally Car motor sport and in the nuclear industry. A lifelong "petrol head", his characters and the challenges they face are depicted with passion, humour and technical authority.

John Faith is a pseudonym.