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Worrel Bridge

Jim Wishshaw

Frank finds himself inexplicably drawn to a forest track amongst fir trees by a lake, seemingly miles away from his home and his normal life. What is its significance and why is he there? Something has changed and he has to find out what. Frank's journey takes him through a series of increasingly bizarre scenarios, encountering the mysterious Annie along the way, before arriving at the ominous Worrel Bridge. Who is the strange King John, who guards the bridge? And why does time seem to move differently there? Frank's journey becomes increasingly more dangerous as he struggles to get back to his previous life, whilst battling ghosts from his past. And what is the significance of the painting of the mill? And who are Alice and Peter? A gripping tale which pushes the boundaries of time and reality.

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Jim Wishshaw was born in 1960 in Sheffield, England. After his education, he decided to leave England behind and, after travelling for some time, settled in Denmark where he still lives. He enjoys the magic of working together with children in a school in Copenhagen, and the peace and quiet of his home in the Danish countryside.