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The Perils and the Prize

Jim Crossley

World War II is raging. Germany and Britain, bitter enemies, are nevertheless united by ancient family ties. Two young cousins, one a highly motivated professional pilot, the other a rather effete young artist, are serving in opposing air forces but in love with the same girl, Angela. Disenchanted with the Nazi regime, Hans, the German, finds himself under a deadly threat from which only Angela can save him. Meanwhile his cousin William, now a reluctant bomber pilot, has to save his crew from the clutches of the Gestapo. The end of the war throws the two men together when they are confronted by a yet more fearsome hidden danger.

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Jim Crossley read modern history at Cambridge, and has written six successful books of military history. Retired from a career in industry he lives in Norfolk and enjoys sailing and country living generally. He has always been fascinated by the relationship between Britain and Germany, two nations united by many common values and family connections, yet torn apart by two world wars.