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Two Degrees

Jean Illingworth


Forced from her home in York by flooding, fifteen-year-old Lexey goes to stay at her Aunt Jenny's farm, high on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Lexey's father is missing abroad, and when her aunt joins her mother in her search for him, Lexey is left alone with no power, no means of communication and rapidly dwindling food supplies.

Lexey will need to grow up fast, learn to live in a new way, redefine what family means and work out who she can trust... and who she can't.

Whilst this story should stand as a dire warning of a possible future for us all should global warming continue to increase, it's also a joyous and heart-warming adventure story of love and hope.

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Jean Illingworth lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, DJ, and son, Jamie. She has written several books for children, co-written and illustrated by Jamie, but this is her first standalone children's book. When not writing, Jean enjoys photographing the stunning Yorkshire coast and countryside, is a passionate gardener, and enjoys singing and socialising with family and friends.