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Eden Incorporated

Jasmine Watts

The year is 3034, and things have changed. The State has merged with big corporations. When the effects of global warming were ignored, the chosen ones were invited to live under a gigantic Dome. The State looks after their every whim, sustenance, clothing, shelter and employment. Everyone, once they qualify, can have the perfect family; anything is possible; nothing is too much trouble.
The day the trouble starts is the day the State decides to experiment with allowing collaboration between citizens. Communication, though not encouraged, is undertaken exclusively through the verbal system. Some objects are found in an underground cache. George and Bill are given the task of deciphering them. Is this a test, or has the State really started to trust its citizens?

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Jasmine Watts lives in the hills on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and has four children. She has taught history as well as politics and law at a local senior high school. She is an admitted lawyer and is currently completing her Master of Education by Research at the University of Western Australia. In her spare time, she writes, and manages an essential oil company.