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The Four Misfits: School Dinner Mayhem

Janine Thomas

It's a new term at Redford Grange School and the head teacher, Mr Morgan, has entered the school into a competition, hoping to win an award for healthy school meals. However, Boris, Lucia, Finley and Henrietta, also known as the Four Misfits, are not impressed with the standard of the new school dinners. Chicken curry with crackers, rubbery sausages and butter-less mashed potatoes are not their idea of decent school dinners. After three days of bland, tasteless meals, Boris takes matters into his own hands... with somewhat surprising results in this humorous tale.

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Janine Thomas is a writer who loves nothing more than to dive deep into the wonderful and magical world of words, to create gems of hilarious content. She is on a mission to help ignite interest in literature from children across the world, by writing stories which are fun, entertaining and engaging and which children will enjoy reading on their own or with others, time and time again.