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Caterpillar Capers

Janelle Kenna

Connie Caterpillar lives in a beautiful Australian garden with her best friend Gertie Grasshopper and other insect friends. They are all happy frolicking together each day.
One day Connie's friends are playing on the other side of the garden while Connie is happily munching on a juicy green leaf by herself.
SUDDENLY... Connie hears a sound. It is a scary sound. Connie begins to panic. Her little heart beats fast. Oh no! There is an unwanted inhabitant living in the garden. She knows she is in danger. Can Connie escape its clutches? Are her friends ever going to see her again?
What fate awaits little Connie Caterpillar?

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Janelle was born in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. There she lived for forty years before relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Janelle has a daughter and two grandchildren. Janelle graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Education. After teaching, mainly in the infant area, administrative roles followed including working closely with teachers, parents and children in the literacy field. Her passion is presenting children with stories that interest them and instilling in them a love for reading.