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Red Light

James Carrac

Bill Newman - father, husband, good job - is the epitome of Mr Average. Driving to his private golf club for a game with his mates, his irritation at hitting every single red light on the way is compounded by a group of youths dawdling as they crossed in front of him; he loses his temper. He jumps out of his car and chivvies the young men across the street, and thinks little more of the incident until the police show up at his house later that day.

To his consternation, Bill has inadvertently tangled with the grandsons of a local mobster, who forces the boys to lie about the severity of the encounter, in the hopes of getting a financial pay-out from a well-to-do golfer. An incident that might ordinarily be dismissed escalates to a court date, followed by a trial where Bill is horrified to see photos with the injuries that he did not inflict on the boys. He pleads innocent but, despite his and his barrister's best efforts, Bill is found guilty and sentenced to six months in prison. Whilst incarcerated, he suffers horrific, personality changing injuries. Bill's life as he knew it is over, and the repercussions swirl out around him, his family, and their closest friends.

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James Carrac's new thriller novel, Red Light, takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, with the main character's life going through hell. Carrac, an ex-lecturer, lives in Warwickshire, UK, with his wife and family. James enjoys many sports, in particular golf, and most genres of music, playing guitar and drums. He now works part-time as a TV and film extra. Keep an eye out for his next novel, Shanghai Calling, being released next year.