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Quantum Entanglement

J. L. Thomas

Helena just cannot believe the way her life seems to be just perfect. She is beautiful, with a figure to match, and passionately in love with Darius Carter, a young, handsome, perfectly toned film star and he returns that love just as passionately. They are totally lost within each other and the sexual chemistry between them seems to grow and grow. She trusts Darius completely as he gently introduces her to his world of BDSM and their lovemaking becomes more intense and pleasurable for them both.


However, there is the spectre of Darius's previous sexual relationship with a high class prostitute, Alice, which somehow always seems to be in the background, not least because of her possible involvement in the abduction and holding to ransom of Helena early on in her relationship with Darius. There is also Connor, Helena's first lover, who doesn't seem to have given up on regaining her love.


The intensity of Helena's and Darius's love and love making appears to build an impenetrable fortress around them, but could that be breached?

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J. L. Thomas hopes that her tales of love, romance and passion will capture the reader's imagination and transport them into the beating-heart of the story. She hopes you all enjoy her reads.

The Gentle Dominant reviewed by The Lifestyle Blogger UK