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A Cosmic Dance - The Gentle Dominant

J. L. Thomas

Theirs was a love that held no bounds. Darius Carter, the handsome film star, and his beautiful bride, Helena, were deeply and madly in love and Helena gladly becomes the submissive to his dominant.


When Helena discovers she is pregnant, her life seems perfect but with Darius's ex-submissive and stalker, Alice, and Helena's first love, Connor, still around, would their love survive?


As time goes on, Helena feels that life couldn't be any more amazing - and erotic!


The next two years as a family are wonderful, and with Alexia, the nanny, taking great care of Lucy and Athos, all was well in the world until Xavier and Angelica's wedding.


Is their love strong enough to cope with more turmoil? Are they really soulmates and destined to be? Or is it all a lie?


On the night of the award's ceremony, as Darius accepts his award, their lives will change forever.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


J. L. Thomas hopes that her tales of love, romance and passion will capture the reader's imagination and transport them into the beating-heart of the story. She hopes you all enjoy her reads.

The Gentle Dominant reviewed by The Lifestyle Blogger UK