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Rapturous Men

J. J. Coleman

In a momentous move, all the most formidable warriors and gangs from around the world have been summoned to the Sparks borough in Victorian London. Their challenge is to find and kill the infamous monster stalking the area - he is known as Long John.

Although there is a generous reward on offer, each of the fighters present know that there is more at stake than money. Each wants to claim the fame and legacy of being the greatest one who slays the monster.

Gerald and his men are eager for the challenge and want to avenge those already dead. He soon learns, however, that the monster is unaffected by gunshot and is seemingly indestructible. Eventually, Gerald is forced to play his ace card, but events take a turn for the unexpected, and he learns that the ability to be indestructible is different than he thought.

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Jamie Jack Coleman is a fiction writer from the hearty town of Dover, overlooking the captivating English Channel. He was educated at a Catholic school and from an early age developed a sweet tooth for literature and genre works. Shakespeare, Lovecraft, Dante, Grimm Brothers, Dickens, Chaucer, Milton, Richard Adams and a host of others have all played a part in Jamie's inspirations. In a hobby that has been steadily nurtured throughout his youth, Jamie's passion for writing steadily grew and has led to this publication.