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The Outturn

J A Ellery

After surviving a dreadful car crash and an inevitable divorce, Sarah Cook has to rebuild her confidence and her life.

Betraying her employer for a handsome sum, Amanda Barrett works hard to fulfil her dream to become 'The Madame' of the most popular brothel in Rotterdam.

Sally Harvey Smart is a spoilt little rich kid who has to fight for her inheritance and discovers a work ethic she did not know she possessed.

Elaine Radley realises she must change her way of life after a tragedy makes her realise she has neglected her daughter.

Stuart Dunwoody must have his leg amputated below the knee to survive the crash. His stoicism is a wake up call for his shopaholic wife. She knows she has to be there for him, not the other way round.

After deciding she would never contact the Spirits again Pauline Collins does so one more time with unexpected results.

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The author was born in London in October 1944. She enjoyed school, adored Elvis and loved to dance. She ruined her feet in winklepicker shoes in her teens and swung in the swinging sixties. She worked as a personal assistant, married Dave, had three sons and then worked in their garden centre in Essex.

She moved to Cornwall in 1980. She worked as an administrative assistant for a government quango. She retired and brought and rented out villas in Tenerife. She lost Dave after nearly fifty-two years of marriage, and is currently surrounded by three sons with gorgeous wives and twelve grandchildren.