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J A Ellery

The worst motorway crash in thirty years happens on the M4 near London Heathrow Airport. The impact on the lives of those who survive and the repercussions on the families of those who die unfolds and nothing is predictable.

After four years of painstaking research, an enzyme is discovered that will revolutionise the cosmetic industry. John Bartlett knows that ‘Impactus' will be the pinnacle of his success, taking his corporation to new heights. Industrial espionage could result in him losing the race. Time is of the essence.

Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island housing Kerobokan Jail, one of the worst prisons in the world. A young backpacker must call on all his reserves to survive the dreadful conditions in order to stay alive.

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The author was born in London in October 1944. She enjoyed school, adored Elvis and loved to dance. She ruined her feet in winklepicker shoes in her teens and swung in the swinging sixties. She worked as a personal assistant, married Dave, had three sons and then worked in their garden centre in Essex.

She moved to Cornwall in 1980. She worked as an administrative assistant for a government quango. She retired and brought and rented out villas in Tenerife. She lost Dave after nearly fifty-two years of marriage, and is currently surrounded by three sons with gorgeous wives and twelve grandchildren.