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The Eye of Kuruman

Ian M. Evans

Ever since her grandfather told her stories about the famous David Livingstone, Alex Gordon has been fascinated by Africa. When offered the opportunity to work there as a public health nurse, Alex is excited. But bringing Western maternity medicine to rural Botswana and South Africa proves complicated. Alex faces unanticipated challenges: personal rivalries, water shortages, resistance, and the hidden toll of historic injustices.


In her resolve to promote culturally sensitive healthcare programs, Alex is kept emotionally buoyed by the affection of two very different men - Johan, a Dutch doctor recovering from the stress of an East African pandemic, and Fin, a black consultant with a doctorate in organizational psychology.


Wavering between such wonderful romantic and professional options, Alex must eventually decide on her future. What will her heart tell her matters the most?

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Ian M. Evans is a British-born clinical psychologist who grew up South Africa. After completing a doctorate at King's College, London, his academic career has taken him to universities in Hawaii, New York, and New Zealand. A Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, his research and practice focused on emotional and family challenges for young people with disabilities. Ian lives with his wife in Honolulu, where their children, grandchildren, and friends love to visit. This is his second novel (following Forgive Me My Trespasses, Archway, 2015).