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The Third I

Ian Hickman

As the third identical male triplet is born at the Doctors Without Borders encampment in Ubatu, it is against a cacophony of small arms fire, as the camp is overrun by insurgents intent on expelling all foreigners from their land.
Doctor Rene, midwife Larry and the camp pastor, Father O'Connell, desperately rush towards the impatient, evacuation helicopter, each carrying one of the triplets. The mother, Sarah, has been left, dying from blood loss incurred during birth.
Rene and Larry make it to the helicopter, but Father O'Connell is shot and lies fatally wounded in the swirling dust, still clinging to the third triplet.
The lives and fortunes of the rescuers and rescued unfold in unexpected and challenging directions, in profound personal journeys for all, as the triplets reach puberty.

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Ian Hickman was born and raised in southeast England.
His lack of any clear direction in his late teenage years, led to him migrating to Australia, four days after his twentieth birthday. Initially he worked at casual labouring jobs, which enabled him to explore outback regions, including Broken Hill.
Then began his journey with the Bureau of Meteorology, which based him in Hobart, Tasmania, where he made his home, raising three daughters and one son, from two marriages.
Almost accidentally he became an owner builder, renovating three houses and building two, including an adobe (mud brick) dwelling, in his search for financial freedom.
Career highlights included trips to Antarctica and a posting to a remote, tiny coral atoll on the Great Barrier Reef.
The Third I is his first novel, and is in many ways, a reflection of his life values.