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The Yearning of the Yew

Margaret Armstrong

Happily married Beth and Martin accept a life-changing offer from Martin's employer to relocate from London to the north east, where their dream of building their own home becomes a reality. But were unforeseen forces at work to draw them to the site of the derelict farm with the ancient, lone yew tree; the place where the much abused young Bessie Elliot met her end over a century ago?

Can the marriage of Beth and Martin survive the malevolent intentions of the long-dead Bessie, whose spirit has been denied rest, her craving for revenge having been nurtured and intensified by her burial beneath the yew, with its need to wield its mythological powers over life and death?
How many lives will the embittered Bessie seek to destroy before her long-awaited desire for vengeance is fulfilled?

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Margaret Armstrong lives in County Durham, having spent much of her adult life in the south-east. Her many and varied jobs include piano teacher, secretary, life and pensions rep, upholsterer and, at one period of her life, she worked as a one-woman cottage industry producing and selling handmade bags. The mother of four grown-up children, Margaret has been writing both poetry and short stories from a very early age. This is her debut novel.