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The Third Generation Transfusional Train

Gaetan Battaglia

Professor Cosmo Io wants desperately to find a cure for cancer before he dies. After finding a spell book, Cosmo discovers that he can extend his life by switching bodies with someone else. In an act of familial betrayal, Cosmo forces his grandson, Stelios, to be his unwilling participant.

Driven mad by the side effects of body switching on his brain, Stelios is hospitalized. His death while still inside his grandfather's body causes his soul to become lost. Waiting to be judged, Stelios lashes his eternal wrath out against his grandfather. From snakes to executioners to cake yetis, Stelios' ghostly forms are uncanny in their power and unrelenting in their mission of vengeance.

Can Cosmo withstand his grandson's brutal revenge long enough to find a cure for cancer? Or will Stelios succeed in getting back what is rightfully his and send his grandfather to the depths of hell?

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Gaetan Battaglia was born in Novato, California and currently lives in San Rafael. He has a BA in history, graduating cum laude, from Sonoma State University, and an MLIS from San Jose State University. When not working at the San Rafael Public Library, Gaetan loves to write short stories and novels. Third Generation Transfusional Train is the third novel he has written and the first he has published.