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The Haunting of Hill 60

Charles Tucker

Hill 60 protected the railway to a German Naval port on the Belgian coast. British Forces had to capture Hill 60 to prevent German submarine domination of Atlantic convoys.

A young village blacksmith had become besotted by a beautiful, strange young girl. Elder relatives took desperate steps to end the evil tryst, severely beating him. Morosely, he joined the Army. Drafted to Passchendaele, the blacksmith was issued with a battle axe to dispatch dying horses.

Possessed by the girl's malign spirit, the axe became a revenge weapon held by her blacksmith manifestation. White of face and eyes so black and hellish huge, he created mayhem in the German trenches. He was haunting Hill 60.

Mornings after the manifestation was seen, guns were silent.

Germans were witnessing headless corpses, believing their guns were haunted by poltergeists.

Events would put the blacksmith soldier's life in severe jeopardy.

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The author is grammar school educated in science subjects but was taught English by a dominant Head Mistress. He holds a Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer.

After serving a five-year student apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, he held management positions at Rolls Royce, Central Electricity Generating Board and latterly, with three oil companies.

He has worked in the USA, Far East, Middle East and North Africa, emigrating to Provence on retirement.

Married with two daughters and five grandchildren, he is now enjoying vintage years in his native Cornwall, writing.