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The Chine

Peter Storm

The offer of a job over the closed winter season, taking care of  The Chine, seemed the perfect escape Justyna needed. Leaving a violent breakup, this was the chance to start again, save money and distance herself from her past. She accepted the offer without hesitation, unaware that The Chine hid a dark, historic evil; one so sinister that the Church helped the estate owners hide for generations. Justyna soon made herself at home. Alone, she found solace in the free bar, helping her forget her violent past, her stupor making her oblivious to the disturbing events unfolding around her. Soon she became uneasy. Feeling she was not alone, she ventured out. She met Steven, the heir to the local estate, and innocently invited him hack to The Chine. This is when the true evil began to rise, angered by the intrusion of the family that condemned it so long ago. Now the pair must fight or die.

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Peter Storm found his love of horror, growing up in Cornwall and Dartmoor, exploring the moors and finding eerie locations; watching Hammer House Horror, and reading Edgar Allen Poe, HG Lovecraft, along with Graham Masterton. He found the local ghost stories fascinating, wanting to explore more in search of haunted locations. He found that he could create and expand on the tales, creating his own style of horror. He now lives on the south coast, with his partner, where he continues to write and travel.