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Heartbreaking Revenge - Three Little Words Chapter Two

J.M. Robson

Two years have passed since the soul devouring demon had been slain and everyone's lives seem to be returning to normal, or so David Sanderson thought until out of the blue he is contacted by a journalist from Boston, Donna Fieldhouse.

Another demon is feeding on the souls of the broken-hearted in Massachusetts, killing innocent people and leaving death, despair and heartbreak in its path, but something is different this time. The victims seem to be picked out by someone called GoM.

Who is GoM, what is their involvement with the demon and who will be next to die?

As David and Donna frantically try to find out who GoM is, they learn the terrifying truth of the depravity and evil that the demon possesses as they try to stop it claiming more lives.

Here is a real page-turner, a horror story that provokes serious consideration of the struggle between good and evil. Which will win?

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J.M. Robson has been writing for a number of years and Three Little Words was the first of J.M. Robson's published work followed by I am the Walker.

Heartbreaking Revenge - Three Little Words Chapter Two was released on the 25th of June 2020 and is the second book in the Three Little Word trilogy.

A lover of horror, thriller and mystery books, J.M. Robson spends her spare time reading and writing. She is currently working on a number of writing projects and had recently completed the sequel to Three Little Words.

J.M. Robson lives in a small village in Angus, Scotland. She is married, has one son and two beautiful grandchildren.

She supports a number of animal charities in the UK and Abroad and loves spending time with her four rescue dogs.

Three Little Words audiobook is also available.