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Wing Commander: D-Day: Halcyon is Confirmed!

C.S. McLean

England, June 1944. Frank Banner has had a long war. Flying his first B-17 mission as a major in August '42, by the end of '43, he's survived over forty missions, has a chest full of medals - including three Purple Hearts - and has steadily risen in rank and position.

Now the long awaited invasion of France is just days away, and Major General Banner, commanding the First Combat Bomb Wing, First Air Division, 8th AF, like everyone else, is preparing for D-Day. Everything that could be done, has been, but there is still considerable concern at SHAEF over the invasion's success and doubts about how well their untried troops will fare against a battle-hardened enemy. General Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, needs to know, as early as possible, what is happening on D-Day, and wants some experienced eyes over those beaches. So, the order comes down to find a senior pilot with ‘combat experience, a good head on his shoulders and guts'.

Banner, now married and expecting his first child any day, has resigned himself to the fact that his flying days are over, that he'll finish the war from behind a desk. But when approached to be Ike's eyes over Normandy, he can't say no. He is just to stand off, observe, and report back; that's the plan. But, in war, things rarely go as planned.

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C.S. McLean is a retired Air Force officer. Born in Maine, she currently resides in the Ozark Mountains with her husband - also a retired Air Force officer - and their ten-year-old Yorkie, Maggie Mae.