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Through Every Bitter Season

Robert Rice

What would you do for love? How many lives would you sacrifice? These are the questions that Lancelot has to answer. In the complex, often brutal, world of Arthurian legend, where women are seen as little more than objects, we find the object of his love - Guenevere, a spirited intelligent princess and priestess of the "heathen" Pictish race. In the hands of a master storyteller this gripping tale of the power struggles in Arthurian Britain and the love between Lancelot and Guenevere is sensitively told; revealing the joy, pain, and ultimate sacrifice that such a love requires in the world of King Arthur. Through Every Bitter Season raises timeless issues about love, religion, the role of women, politics, and poverty, which we still grapple with today.

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Robert Rice is the author of four other novels and a memoir. Kirkus Review called The Last Pendragon, a "persuasive reinvention of the Arthurian legend" and said, "Rice is an accomplished storyteller and scene setter, but what gives the story greater heft is his concern, albeit low-keyed, for more transcendental themes in a world as much physically as spiritually under threat. An absorbing whirl of a read." Rice's poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines. He lives in Montana.