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The Wyvern Ring

William Francis

England in 1360. The Pestilence is killing thousands, undermining the authority of Church and king. Cemeteries are full, burial pits overflowing. Prayers beseeching God's mercy, remain unanswered. Unceasing horror...

But there is worse to come. More deaths and increasingly brutal murders. When Bishop of Hereford, John Trilleck, is beheaded, Pope Innocent sends Cardinal Beyssac and his companions to Hereford to restore the Church's authority. Their journey through England reveals a lawless country, rife with paganism and ritual murder.

The disciples of the Wyvern Ring will wade through blood to fulfil their sacred duty. As emissary of the pope, Cardinal Beyssac is targeted for assassination. Deadlier than the Pestilence, it appears the Wyvern Ring cannot be stopped.

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William R. Francis was born in Liverpool and educated at Alsager College (now part of the University of Manchester) where he gained an Honours Degree in History and English Literature.

After experiencing a variety of hospital jobs, he trained as an educator, working as head of department in schools in Kent and Herefordshire for a number of years. His students loved to hear him tell stories.

He has written four historical documentaries for BBC Radio and won hundreds of competition prizes by devising memorable tie-breakers.

His ambition is to write a screenplay for a major Hollywood movie.